Saturday, August 12, 2006

Suicide by cop

I had not heard that phrase before. Maybe I am just clueless or so out of it these days that the phrase zipped through my head and kept on moving. Last night, someone I know, a photographer for the TP, John McCusker basically went out of his way to have the police in Orleans Parish take him down.
You would think that the way things have gone around here, the cops would have not had an issue and would have finished the job for the guy but thankfully they finally corralled him by Taser after he had pinned one of the officers between the police cruiser and his own car and then took off again, driving down St Charles, running over any sign that might have been for a construction company.
Police quoted the photographer during the first attempt to stop him as saying "Just kill me, get it over with, kill me."
John's home in Lakeview was destroyed and he was under-insured. He is one of the thousands of people in New Orleans who's financial life has been flipped and flopped to where he saw no way out. BK, I would have said he was a nut. AK, I feel for him and everyone who is experiencing the same effects from the storm and our loss. This is a man who is a quality human being, a professional of the kind that this city needs more of.
If someone like John can feel that there is no hope, no help for good quality citizens of this great state and country, then none of us are safe. Stay strong people and please talk to someone, anyone before giving up.
On another note, I feel the need to apologize for not posting for awhile. I have not been a happy camper for awhile now and just couldn't get anything going in the noggin.


At 5:50 PM, Blogger judyb said...

Haven't heard much about Mr. McCusker since the incident. I'm hoping that all is getting better with him.

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