Saturday, August 12, 2006

Our totally worthless Granny Governor

My blood has begun to boil again. After weeks of self-imposed attempts at not caring about our loser leaders, it seems I just cannot get away from their stupidity. The latest involves our fearless Governor Kathleen Babbling Blanco.
In a letter dated March 7th, 2006, our wonderful Granny Governor asked the Feds to explore turning Interstates 10 and 12, 360 miles of them in the state of Louisiana, into a "Toll Facility", meaning the state wants to start charging you every time you need to get onto the interstate.
Babbling Blanco states in her letter to the Feds "As you know, the southern portion of Louisiana was recently devastated by two hurricanes. We believe this project is essential to the economic recovery of the state and to better prepare for future events."
By future events I guess that she means that Contraflow would really be smooth by making people PAY to get the hell outta dodge.
Please remember, this is a state that just passed a budget of 27.6 BILLION. For a state that has 4.5 million people living here. And the bigwigs in Baton Rouge don't have enough money, or enough of our money. It is pure insanity.
Senator David Vitter has sent KBB a memo basically telling her that she is making a fool of everyone in this region. There is no way that I-10 and I-12 will be turned into toll roads. It just ain't happening. Plus she decided to go for it without even bringing anyone else into the loop.
"Finally, Governor, I regret that this very significant formal submission was made by your Administration to the federal government with no adequate briefing of me or, as far as I know, other members of our delegation."
Just WTF is happening here? Was she soooo batty AK that she just started sending out request for anything that popped into her head? Has anyone ever really seen her and Ray Nagin together at the same time? I really am beginning to think they are one and the same.
Yeah Kathleen, it's not hard enough living here with crime, no hospitals, no health care, no schools, no local leadership, cost of living expenses that are out of control and you, our dear wonderful granny governor wants to stick it to New Orleanians even more...for what? Maybe a new sugar mill in Bunkie? Jesus H Christ we are so unbelievably fu**ed.


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