Saturday, August 12, 2006

How bout some truth?

I haven't posted for awhile due to my belief that with the election going on, I needed to keep my opinions to myself. So I'm back. Rejoice or spit coffee on your computer- it's really your choice.
The frustration that others and I feel lately (9 months isn't lately I guess) is rooted in the FACT that no one in a leadership role can just speak the plain truth.
Is anyone really surprised that the announced date for the new floodgates being installed will not be ready by the target date? Or should that just be placed in the No Sh*t file and move on?
We have two finalist for Mayor (maybe we should run this like American Idol, vote off one candidate per week) that just cannot tell us what they REALLY mean.
We have a US run Government agency that says, "Of course these floodgates will be ready by the start of Hurricane season" then two weeks before the season starts, we hear oh wait, they won't be ready.
The Corps of Engineers says all the levees will be up to par (hahahahaha- sorry, couldn't help it) then we find out that levee's all over town are leaning in all types of different directions. Independent engineers say breeches would have happened elsewhere if not for the breeches that occurred first.
We're told that the industrial canal levee protecting the Lower Ninth Ward (where very very few people are actually back and residing) have been strengthened and raised. But oh wait, doing that makes the other side of that levee (which protects the area where EVERYONE is now living) lower and thus susceptible to overtopping and possibly flooding the part of the city that we thought was safe.
We're told that rainfall in the city won't be a problem. Until we actually get some rainfall and the pumps are turned on and oh wait....the pumps don't work, no one thought to TEST them after they sat in water for three weeks. So now a sprinkle and we're all looking for canoe's to get the hell outta dodge.
We're told "Here is the city's evacuation plan- Planes, trains and buses will take us to safety". Oh wait, no one asked for help securing these planes trains and buses plus no one else in the state has been advised of our plan.
We're told "I'm about inclusion and rebuilding New Orleans" then we find out the guy who said that went ahead and spent 400k of taxpayer money to refurbish his state office and private living quarters.
What do we have to do to get the TRUTH from these people?


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