Saturday, August 12, 2006

Boom Boom

It's been a very busy week for me. The radio station is finally back on the air, who knows who's listening though. But anyway, I wanted to post about this earlier in the week and just couldn't get to it but it is eating me up. If you pay attention to the news (and who around here can't right now?) then you saw some of what are now being called Katrina ?Konspiracy? Kooks .
Tuesday December 7th, hopefully a day that won't live in infamy in New Orleans- Dyan French tesitfied in front of Congress (yes the same Congress we need levee money from) that she "knew" that the levee's in New Orleans were "blown up" as in "Boom Boom" during Hurricane Katrina just like the levee's were "blown up" during Betsy in 65. I know this woman has been in this community helping others survive after the flooding. That is not the point. We as a city cannot afford to have "wacko's" going to DC and telling people on national TV that the levee's were blown up on purpose. There is too much at stake for this region, for the only people that the rest of the country see in relation to what is going on in New Orleans RIGHT NOW, to be citizens who are off their rocker.
And who picked these people as the people who should represent our city and state in front of Congress? I'm working hard to find out. Congressman Jefferson (who was late for the meeting by 40 minutes anyway) is trying to pass the blame to Cynthia McKinney from GA, congresswoman. Now both of them are avoiding our phone calls. I do not get why a congresswoman would have the choice of who to bring in front of congress. Why is she the one?
Too hard on this women you say? Okay- let's think about it. The Federal, State and Local governments all failed in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The prez was over in Tehas chillin with a beer in one hand and probably a joint in the other. Our wonderful governor was "taking a nap" when the feds called or she was getting instructions on what to wear for the camera's- she'll have a comittee look at it to figure out which one. And the mayor was too busy pointing fingers at everyone else to handle his own biz. So we know that these three entities are very unorganized at best. So how in the world could anyone think they could "plan" to "blow up" or "Boom Boom" the levee's when they cannot even get out of each others way?


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