Monday, February 06, 2006

Fantasy Sports

Man do I loves me some fantasy sports. Baseball, Football, Basketball, all of them- I'm in a league. Sometimes 2 or 3 leagues, that's how sick I am with this stuff. I have on a Sunday or two, lounging on the couch, checked the net for " a fantasy update". Go ahead, call me a nerd, a fool, whatever... I know these things about myself already. It's no big surprise on this end.

Six years at least. With my somewhat off-beat sense of humor, some of my teams have been named the following:

The Benson-aters

The Benson-Haters


High on Mt Rockies

Nuggets Suck

Master Baiters

LSU #1 USC # 2

among others...Now it's baseball team naming time and here's what I'm thinking:

Missin The 9th Warder

New Orleans Floater (think baby ruth in a pool people)

Drunken Russian Whore

Picked off a roof topper

Give me your favorite two, or scream that I'm a insensitive jerk.


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