Monday, February 06, 2006

Fantasy Sports

Man do I loves me some fantasy sports. Baseball, Football, Basketball, all of them- I'm in a league. Sometimes 2 or 3 leagues, that's how sick I am with this stuff. I have on a Sunday or two, lounging on the couch, checked the net for " a fantasy update". Go ahead, call me a nerd, a fool, whatever... I know these things about myself already. It's no big surprise on this end.

Six years at least. With my somewhat off-beat sense of humor, some of my teams have been named the following:

The Benson-aters

The Benson-Haters


High on Mt Rockies

Nuggets Suck

Master Baiters

LSU #1 USC # 2

among others...Now it's baseball team naming time and here's what I'm thinking:

Missin The 9th Warder

New Orleans Floater (think baby ruth in a pool people)

Drunken Russian Whore

Picked off a roof topper

Give me your favorite two, or scream that I'm a insensitive jerk.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

The President

I haven't posted on this blog in awhile as I worked on another blog for New Orleans on metroblogging. That blog deals directly with New Orleans and it has been rather difficult to want to write about something other than my wonderful home city but Dubya brought me out of my funk.

I didn't vote for the President in either election. I chose to waste a vote once instead of re-electing him and voted for Al Gore in 2000 so I'm clearly not a big fan.

I make jokes (in private- big brother has mucho more power since 9-11) about Dubya being the "anti-christ". I don't really think he is, but the direction of his leadership makes me really wonder sometimes what the hell he is thinking.

Iraq was/is a mistake. We all know this by now. If you don't agree, fine, but I will ask you to take off the Republican glasses and look at our situation. We are basically stuck in the middle of a civil war. The majority of "insurgents" or murderers as those of us who are sane call them, have no affiliation with Al Queda. They have a hatred for the US that has developed in the last 2 years because we are in a place that we should not be. American's, including myself, are idiots when it comes to the rest of the world. We do not attempt to understand their culture, their beliefs or ways of life that may be different than ours. We just think that since our government says their bad people, well the Pres or the Vice Pres or whoever wouldn't lie to us, they must be evil. They must all want to kill us, rape our women, eat our burgers, drink our beer, cook our children etc... when in fact we should look at each other as humans instead of Asians, Muslims, etc...My guess is that if we really made an effort to learn about each other the earth might be a pretty good rock to stay on.