Thursday, November 10, 2005

I miss the kids

I do not have children, I have cats. 2 to be specific. My girl cat is named Onion (her head is shaped like an onion, I'll find a picture) and my boy is Norman. Onion has been with me for close to 10 years now, I've dragged the poor thing from Memphis to Denver to Memphis again to DC to Virginia to New Orleans. Norman is a stray that I helped the old neighbor out with. He is a little over a year old now. Needless to say they hate each other and were very happy to wake me daily at 3 am fighting with each other.

They evacuated to the station with me before Katrina and the poor things had to go to Houston and Virginia again with me after the storm. I have a old college roommate living in Virginia Beach and that's where they reside right now.

It's interesting how we take almost everything for granted until we no longer have it. I miss them waiting by the door for me when I get home. I miss Norman's LOUD meow's for food whenever I walked by his dish. I miss Onion wrapping her fat ass around my neck while I sleep. I miss the sound of their feet clunking on the hardwood floors as one ran from the other as they tried to attack. I miss opening the windows and watching them fight to see who got to sit in what window. I miss Onion laying on her side taking pieces of cat food out of her dish, one piece at a time to have a snack. I miss Norman clawing at the bathroom door when Im "takin care of business".

I miss the kids.


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