Friday, November 11, 2005

32 X 32

Just another day in the life I guess.

I am nor have I ever been a clothes whore. I have never cared about what I wear as long as Im comfy. I'd prefer to wear jeans and a t-shirt all the time. Not really business attire though. So B.K. - before Katrina - I had a decent amount of clothes. Mainly business wear, some jeans, mostly t-shirts (some over 15 years bois as I called them) shorts etc...Well in my solid Hurricane planning, I only packed 3 pairs of short pants and 5 t-shirts with a couple pair of socks and drawers. So I have to replenish the closet, get some decent clothing so I can conduct business.

Im a rather thin dude. 5 11 , weight between 150-160 usually. A week after the storm I weighed 137, beer and pnuemonia will do that to a guy I guess. Anyway, Im thin. No ass, no arms, no chest....just a skinny dude.

So Im working on getting clothes. And I am a little confused. Understand I am traveling on business almost every week and New Orleans really doesn't have clothing stores, or enough clothing stores for me to bother with. So I do my shopping at stores while Im on the road and I am learning a very bad thing I think. American Men are becoming FATASSES.

Penney's, Dillards, Hecht's, Macy's all have pretty solid clothing for men. I went through 4 different stores today looking for a pair of business pants (be they Khaki's or dress pants, whatever, don't care, just want them to fit and be tan). Every store has tons of pants to choose from. Thats not the problem. The problem is that ALL of the sizes for pants look like this:

36x29 (what the fuck?)
40x28 (Who are these for? The Penguin?)

It amazes me that 32 x 32 in men's pants is no where to be found!! I''m not in the Fat and Overgrown area (Big & Tall to the pc'ers out there). I asked salespeople at three of the stores where all of the 32 x 32 pants were....all 3 basically said they don't carry that size anymore because no one comes in looking for them!!! What the hell is this? Is it getting to the point where the "normal" sized peeps will have to have our own specialty store for clothing, like the fatties did in the 90's? Have American Men gotten so fat that 38 x 32 size pants are "the norm"? I feel like an idiot asking these salespeople to find my size, almost like there is something wrong with me for being a little bit in shape.


At 5:31 PM, Anonymous BnB said...

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At 9:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I realize this is a many-years old post, but I just came across the site. This post is so accurate. I looked through a 5 different department stores and could not find a single pair of 30x30 pants. Tons of the sizes you listed. What the hell is wrong with everyone?


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