Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Sorry, Im just being able to get to the site to post. It has been awhile with alot going on. I just need to get some things out so here goes- (in order so stay tuned):

Contraflow out of Katrina's path was actually a success. What you say? How could it be a success after all the news I saw in the days after Katrina? Let me ask you one easy question...Were all those breathless TV news reporters talking about all the devastated vehicles on I-10 that were swamped by the Katrina overflow? No they were not. It seems to me that no one has recognized that contraflow out of the New Orleans area actually was successful. Yes I know probably 100k people did not evacuate, had no transportation, no buses to get out, but the point of this blog is the actual contraflow. After all of the problems last year with Hurricane Ivan and all of the aftermath of Katrina, no one has really pointed out some of the things that were done correctly. Did anyone see Houston during Rita? Is that the way contrflow is suppose to work? No it's not. So while everyone points fingers at Mayor Nagin and Gov Blanco for their lack of leardership during a crisis, I thought I needed to point a finger at something that was done correctly.

Just some background I guess as I write in the future. The radio station I run stayed on the air before and during the storm. We broadcast live throughout the day and night Sunday and Monday. We were knocked off the air around 830 Monday morning, after the eye had passed our tower and transmitter area. We evacuated the area Tuesday evening. I will write about the storm and the aftermath coming up in future post.