Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Do you even know who Satchmo is? Louis Armstrong is Satchmo. If your not from New Orleans or a big Jazz (not the NBA kind) fan , then you probably did not know Armstrong as Satchmo. Here in New Orleans, we like to pretty much celebrate anything and in August we celebrate the life of Satchmo with a festival in the French Quarter. I love jazz and live festivals so of course I was there both days. And this isn't really about Satchmo. It's about fat worthless people who ride Vespia's. I am a bike rider. Yes, old fashion bike riding....two wheels, handlebars, seat, etc....no motor type of bike rider.....thats where the Vespia freaks come in. While riding home after the Satchmo fest...yes sober too- shocking...a rather large behinded women on a Vespia, thinking she owned the road since he bike had a motor, ran me off the road on Esplanade. How do I know she was a hog? All I could see as I lifted my face off the asphalt was her two large humongous butt cheeks hanging off either side of her little Vespia. I have never felt so sorry for a piece of machinery in my life....She had to weigh more than the Vespia. Here's my point....If your so fat that your excess baggage is hanging over the sides of a Vespia....splurge a little and by a Ford Focus.....Why you ask? # 1 so I won't get run over anymore and #2 spare the rest of New Orleans the sight of your Diet Coke drinking, Rally's triple cheeseburger eating butt wearing the tires out on one of those motored bicycles.


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